Remembering our Ancestors

We live in a world where many people like to marvel on the history of our ancestors. I get it, I mean they were the forefathers of our families. Many of them paved the way for the future generations and we ought to celebrate their accomplishments. Many of them planted seeds on fertile ground and never got the chance to see the fruits of their labor. However, on the other hand many planted seeds of discord and left their children’s children with unanswered questions. Out of curiosity those children search sites like to try to draw some form of conclusion. Most just want to know where they came from because most of our family members don’t know or just don’t care at all.

To be honest, some of our ancestors need to be forgotten because of the harm and devastation they caused. Many of our Patriarchs destroyed their offspring and many of those children are still paying the price today. We have family secrets that no one wants to expose. Yes our great-great grandfathers worked very hard to provide for his family, only to come home to rape his teenage daughter while great-great grandma slept with one eye open. She heard the screams, she heard the bed rocking, she even saw the blood in the underwear as she hand washed the laundry and hung them up to dry on the clothesline outside of the home. She was partly to blame because she would often blame the victim for not stopping it from happening, in fact it happened to her when she was younger and the cycle continues.

Families are being destroyed because no one wants to speak up, when will it stop? Generational curses are real and I believe that they can be broken! Many people suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of family secrets that no one wants to address. It’s my opinion, if we would just learn to address these issues we would be able to begin to heal from the deep rooted issues that destroy many families today.

As I continue to raise awareness, I pray that people will take these issues seriously and if you know of any child who is being sexually abused, don’t hesitate speak up.

Marko Hamlin “An Overcomer”

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