There’s a Giant in you!


It wasn’t until I forgave those who harmed me as a young child that I was able to start the healing process. In 2008, after my father had died and my daughter was born with some complications I finally realized that I couldn’t do this “life” thing on my own. I had been fighting in my own strength for many years and was overwhelmed and grew weary. I didn’t have the desire to live but I didn’t want to kill myself either, so suicide wasn’t an option! I was tired of hiding, I was tired of battling depression on my own, so I cried out to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and He saved me! I began to trust in Jesus and not focus on my past but I must say it was still a struggle.

As I continue on this journey of recovery, I’m learning so much and have grown tremendously. I really enjoy helping victims of abuse heal. I want people to know that healing is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. God used a brother named Carl Butler to speak a word into my life years ago and it stuck with me. Words can be used to build a person up or tear them down. My brother Carl didn’t know about my past hurts at the time, he didn’t know that I was struggling internally and needed to be delivered from Childhood abuse. Brother Carl looked me in the eyes (as I towered over him) and told me that I was a GIANT, not because I stood at 6’7″ in height but because God was going to use me mightily. It didn’t stop there either, he took me under his wing and discipled me. Brother Carl taught me how to love people as Jesus loves and I followed him as he followed Christ. If you want to grow in different areas in your life you need to surround yourself around people who are going places. Carl was an instrument, God used him to help me grow and move to the next level. I wouldn’t call Carl a prophet but as he spoke life into me one evening, over the next few years I would not look back. He planted a seed and that seed grew. Today I’m able to minister more effectively and raise up other Giants in Christ by sharing my testimony.

I created this blog to give other victims of childhood sexual abuse hope and to raise awareness also. I want to see other people delivered from the grips of depression and other mental illnesses stemming from abuse. I know many victims can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now but I’m here to let you know that there is a Giant in you as well and the best is yet to come in your life. Don’t ever give up, I’m a living testimony of what God can and will do if you let Him!