I’m not a victim but you can call me an overcomer!

I’ve overcome many obstacles throughout my thirty-three years on this earth! My first challenge began while I was in my mother’s womb. My father wanted my mom to have an abortion but she chose to keep me and here I am! I wish I had a fairy tale story to share with you all but to be completely honest, I am a living testimony. My mother struggled with alcoholism and as a result, I was molested by a close friend of the family at the age of four. I was taken advantage of by a teenage boy, who was later found guilty but received a slap on his wrist and let go. He got off, while I would end up suffering for many years because of the trauma.

Many victims of childhood sexual trauma are victimized at an early age, my abuse would continue for a period of four years or so and I was victimized by two other individuals as well while in the Foster Care system.

Many people today are suffering in silence and don’t know how to move forward. I only speak from personal experience because I know first hand what it is to live a defeated lifestyle and to be bound by depression and anxiety. I lived in silence for almost three decades but by the grace of God, I finally found my voice!

This is the first blog of many and I only write to give others hope and to show them the power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m on a mission not only to help other survivors but to prevent other innocent children from becoming victims also. I am no longer a victim of childhood sexual abuse but I am an overcomer and today I choose to walk in victory! Be blessed and forever encouraged!

Marko Hamlin

6 thoughts on “I’m not a victim but you can call me an overcomer!

  1. Brother Marko! I just want to inform you that your story uplifts, encourages, and inspires me EVERY time I read or hear it! I truly want to THANK YOU for your obedience, because you have encouraged me to share my testimony of overcoming childhood sexual abuse! I am empowered and moved by the works that God has done and will continue to do in your life! You are most definitely an OVERCOMER and I know that your story will continue to INSPIRE others to speak out!


  2. I hope you realize the kind of courage you put into the atmosphere with this post. I am honored that you decided to share. Your life will bless so many and help you to continue to heal by helping others. Mane…this was so brave and so stinking awesome.

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